AI Job Fair 2022

Urban Center Trieste - 25th of May 2022

individual meetings with companies and institutions working in the ai field for internship, thesis, and career opportunities

💡 Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence internship or career opportunities?

👉 We got you covered with the first edition of the AI Job Fair, organized in partnership with the Urban Center of Trieste!

In this event, several companies and institutions from Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia will be available in-presence for individual meetings during which you will be able to discuss career opportunities, projects, and possibilities for internships, theses, and research ideas, all in the field of AI.

Participation in the event is free of charge!

To register to the event, please head over to the registration form. Note that:

  • for logistical reasons linked to the current Covid restrictions, you will be asked, during the registration, to book the individual appointments with each company you want to meet. We warmly suggest you to read through the list of participating company (down below in this page) before proceeding with the registration

  • a Google account is required to fill in the form

  • the registration requires to accept the privacy policy for this event, which can be viewed in this page

  • registrations are open until May 24th 23:59 CET.


Date 📅
Wednesday 25th of May 2022

Urban Center
Corso Cavour 2/2
34132 - Trieste

⚠️ Notice: as of May 20th 2022, we have officially closed the registrations as we have run out of available slots for appointment. We might allow for additional late registrations in case of possible waivers by registered participants. Contact us at to enter the waitlist for late registrations.

Event organized in collaboration with Urban Center.


14:00 - 14:40


  • Reception

  • Welcome speech by Prof. Luca Bortolussi, Full Professor @ University of Trieste

14:40 - 15:00


  • Presentation of the event and brief introduction of the participating companies and institutions

15:00 - 18:00


The meetings will last 10 minutes each and will be organized in three 50-minute turns. In each turn, each candidate will be able to book up to five appointments with different companies.

Companies operating within Urban Center


IoT, machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, robotics, software development, wearable devices for smart health
Location: Trieste

Feature Jam aims to develop and create products and services related to Information Technology, the emerging field of IoT and wearable devices. The company's expertise includes machine learning, pattern recognition, computer vision, controllers and robotics. In these fields, Feature Jam provides consulting services, software development and high-tech products.

Ongoing projects:

  • BluJam: development of a wearable device for health application (telemedicine and telecare) for recognizing movement patterns using machine learning and AI techniques on-the-edge;

  • Jame: development of a wearable device for recognizing and controlling, via AI techniques, hand shaking, collecting data continuously to monitor the patients and managing the disease, aiming at increasing their active and social life.


IoT, AIoT, Big Data Analysis, Software Development, Decision Support Systems, Specific Learning Disorders, Education, Healthcare, Clinical Standards, Gamification.

Location: Trieste, Milano

SBREX, an innovative startup and benefit corporation, was born in March 2021 to give life to digital, innovative and high-tech applications, in the healthcare and educational fields, for the generation of benefits for the community. The first R&D project is focused on the assessment and management of children with Specific Learning Disorders through the development of a proprietary software ecosystem, integrated with commercial hardware. SBREX is always looking for new talents to join the software development team.

Ongoing projects

  • "C'era una volta il tablet" (Once upon a time... the tablet), in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan

Robotics, machine learning and customized AI
Location: Trieste is a startup operating in the robotics field. It develops ROS-based autonomous navigation systems with obstacle detection and avoidance, face, body, object and mask detection, face ID, and conversational AI chatbots. They also offer consultancy and training for digital and AI transformation in business.

Ongoing projects:

  • MediBot

Other Companies and Institutions


Data generation and privacy, Generative modeling, Data analytics.

AINDO is a start-up founded in Trieste in 2019 as a SISSA spin-off. They offer AI-based data-centric products to help other firms with anonymizing their data bases and creating synthetic versions of these which are faithful to the original data distribution, so they can later be safely shared with other partners, or can be analyzed quantitatively by AINDO’s own Data Analysts.


R&D in the air quality and olfactometry sectors

ARCO SolutionS is a highly qualified in chemical analysis and technology assessment. It’s the only R&D centre in Italy specialised in olfactometry that develops and produces specific equipment. It creates customised solutions for the development of measuring instruments, plant management, etc, and provides analyses of odours, aromas, air and environmental quality.

Ongoing projects:

  • Upgrade of olfactometer "Leo"

  • Development of AI solutions for managing multi-sensor environmental monitoring systems

Area research & technology

Genomics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Location: Trieste

The Research and Technology Institute (RET), in Area Science Park, conducts pure and applied research, to explore the broad interface between Genomics and Artificial Intelligence.
Their aim is to advance the field, seizing the opportunities given by new algorithmic developments, especially⸺but not only⸺in the field of Deep Learning. They are a young, interdisciplinary team, with a commitment to train talented and ambitious people, and strong ties with both the academic and the industrial world.


Software development, optimisation, simulations, data processing
Location: Trieste, Maharashtra - India, Novi - USA, Nürnberg - Germany

ESTECO is an independent software provider with 20 years of experience, highly specialized in numerical optimization,simulation data management and process integration and automation across a wide spectrum of industrial sectors.

They assist Italian and international companies throughout an innovation journey, providing them with leading-edge technology to master engineering complexity. They also help to consolidate specialized expertise, streamline teamwork and move towards agile product development.


Big Data and AI applied to the financial field
Location: Trieste

modefinance is a Rating Agency that produces integrated web and cloud-based systems which combines Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies in order to analyse rating.
It creates customised applications, services and solutions that can be integrated with business processes, based on the latest Artificial Intelligence technologies applied to the analysis of big data, offering accurate financial information, real-time updates, simulations and predictions.


Apps development, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence.

PLUS is a software provider specialized in AI, data science, data analysis and improving industrial process integration and automation by software. They offer solutions to get actionable data and consolidate the information flow to transform information into knowledge.
Software application development, virtual prototyping, numerical simulation, optimization, parametric design and the most advanced Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques are tools they use to help companies in various industrial sectors, steering their processes towards the 4
th industrial revolution.


Data science, Machine Learning, GIS data analytics.
Location: Ljubljana - Slovenia

Sinergise is a SME with extensive expertise in the develoipment of advanced geospatial information systems based on cloud and web technology, focusing on areas where it has the greatest impact:

  • Earth Observation, making it easy for individuals, institutions and businesses to gain actionable insights into what is happening with our planet;

  • supporting IT processes in Agriculture that ensure more efficient use of resources while ensuring ecosystem sustainability; and

  • supporting Land Administration processes that are essential for government transparency and economic growth.

Ongoing projects:

  • Sentinel Hub: a service for archival, processing and distribution of satellite imagery data and similar spatial, multi-spectral and temporal raster data archives in real-time, developed to scale to tens of PBs of data and tens of thousands of requests per second.

  • eo-learn – open-source Python package for machine learning on Earth Observation, bridging the gap between satellite imagery and well-known ML technologies.

  • Geopedia: crowd-sourcing GIS tool, combining more than 20 million records from more than 20.000 datasets.


Software development, Health application of Machine Learning
Location: Torino, Pordenone

Three out of four diagnoses of ovarian cancer happen too late, causing a high mortality rate for this pathology. Early diagnosis is key to take up to 90% survival probabilities. SynDiag creates digital gynecological instruments to support doctors during the objective interpretation of ultrasound scan, starting an early and quality diagnostic path, with the aim of optimizing health care and saving lives.

Ongoing projects:

  • Deep learning for tumor identification

  • Quantitative doppler signal analysis

  • Radiomics


Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, IT consulting
Location: Tavagnacco - Udine, Milano, Pordenone

TechStar designed a business platform to let companies enter the Metaverse. The Metaverse is the 3d evolution of the internet, a technology that opens the door to an immersive, shared, interactive and collaborative world. Meetings, showrooms, training, prototyping, marketing: Meta Presence® platform allows companies to create virtual environments where visitors, customers, or other users can be hosted freely or by invitation in their corporate Metaverse.

Ongoing projects:

  • Metaverse representation of "Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico", in Pordenone (