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6 Research Scholarships @ Area Science Park

Application deadline: 📆 May 26, 2021 (🕛 23:59)

presentation of the grants

Dear Students,

in Area Science Park we are funding six research scholarships on several topics that may be of interest for you.

Let me create first a bit of context.

Our aim in Area is to create advanced services for research using state-of-the-art scientific and technological results, in order to promote Open Science.

To give you an example, we are currently developing a tool to explore protein sequences, integrating information from advanced clustering algorithms (developed in SISSA by Prof. Alessandro Laio’s lab), from deep learning (we will use special kinds of Transformers networks), and statistical physics (Direct Coupling Analysis).

This implies a different model for doing research with respect to academia, but it is a model that has led to exceptional results, both for technological and pure research as is witnessed, on a larger scale, by lighthouse examples such as the Allen Institute:

With this model in mind, we are offering six research fellowships to help us in this ambitious endeavor.

Some of these are focused on topics you are already familiar with (machine learning, deep learning), others are focused on topics that are gaining a lot of ground in recent years, such as data management techniques.

To comment a bit on data management, I am sure that some of you already know that there is currently a transition from a "model-centric" point of view, that dominated up to now research in machine learning and AI, to a "data-centric" point of view, as is very well expressed by Andrew Ng in this video:

It is our explicit intention to intercept also this trend, and we need to do it quickly.

To conclude, other positions are for web developers: since we will deploy services, the "user experience" (with the user being a scientist in our case) is essential for success.

Please spread the voice if you know some web development geek ;)

This is the link where you will find all the information Attached to this page you’ll find all the relevant information in English.

I take the opportunity to say hello to the Artificial Intelligence Student Society and to everyone who is passionate about Data Science, AI, machine learning and all that!

In the hope to be a future colleague of yours, I send you my Best Regards,

Alessio Ansuini

Research and Technology Institute


National Research Organization

Padriciano, 99 | 34149 Trieste | Italy

TEL +39 040 375 5094

MOB +39 333 79 17 151


Attachment with instructions for applying


Dr. Alessio Ansuini

Data Scientist at AREA Science Park, Research & Technology Institute.

Dr. Stefano Cozzini

Director, Institute for Research and Technologies, AREA Science Park, CNR-IOM Researcher, eXactLab founder.

Doctoral programme in Applied Data Science and Artificial Intelligence @ UniTS

Official website of the PhD proposal:

More informations in the following attachment.

Full professor at the Statistics at Dept. of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics (DEAMS) of the University of Trieste.

Associate professor at the Dept. of Mathematics of the University of Trieste, DSSC and AI program coordinator

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