AI2S Research Fair 2022

Wednesday, december 15 2021



Due to the worsening of the Covid-19 situation in Italy, we have decided to make the Part II of the 2022 Research Fair a hybrid event.

Attendees joining from home will be able to follow the Introduction and Pitch part on YouTube (link), while a virtual Meet&Greet will be held according to the modalities and schedule presented in this page.

Thesis, Research & Doctorate Opportunities

Professors and researchers operating in the AI and Data Science fields at the University of Trieste, SISSA, ICTP, and AREA Science Park will briefly discuss their current research lines, presenting available opportunities for students interested in carrying out research internships, thesis projects or doctoral applications in their groups.

The event is tailored specifically for current students in Data Science and Scientific Computing and other affine graduate programs in Trieste (Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics & Complex Systems...), but local and foreign prospective students in any of these programs are more than welcome to attend!

During this event, attendees will be able to talk in-person to the participating researchers to ask them questions and make proposals about research works and projects.

This year, due to the large number of participating researchers, the event will be split into two dates, each with different speakers. Check the schedule down below.


📅 Date and Time
Wednesday, December 15th 2021, 🕑 14:00
Monday, January 10th 2022, 🕑 11:00

📍 Location
Aula Morin, H2Bis Building
University of Trieste, Main Campus
Pitch live streaming:
Virtual Meet&Greet


Wednesday, December 15th
🕑 14:00

Monday, January 10th
🕑 11:00

After a brief introduction, each researcher will briefly present him/herself and his/her research lines and projects.
This will allow the attendees to have a general idea of the proposals and on what to focus on during the next phase (Meet & Greet).
Note: the introduction and pitch of part II will be streamed live on YouTube:

Meet & Greet

Wednesday, December 15th
🕑 14:45

Monday, January 10th
🕑 11:45

Each researcher will have a designated location within the room and will be available for individual conversations with the attendees.
This is your chance to further understand what the proposals are about and what role you could have in his/her project.

Note: virtual meet and greet modalities and schedule in this page: Virtual Meet&Greet

Note for attendees

Attendance to the event is subject to University of Trieste's rules concerning Covid19.
The number of attendees may be restricted according to these rules based on the number of available seats within the room.
Moreover, all attendees will be required to register themselves either using the app Safety4All or by filling a form which will be available in situ.
Finally, access to the UniTS campus is granted only if you have a valid Covid "Green Pass". Controls by the competent authorities may be possible and are to be expected.


The list is incomplete and subject to frequent modifications. Stay connected for further news and updates.

DECEMBER 15th 2021

JANUARY 10th 2022


On this page, you can watch short presentations from the some of the researchers from the list above.
These videos are specifically tailored for thesis opportunities, so don't hesitate to contact the researchers for further info 😊


For any question concerning the event, please contact us at