Virtual Meet&Greet

After the "Introduction and Pitch", the researchers will be available for a Meet&Greet with the students.

Due to the current Covid situation in Italy, we're allowing for a virtual Meet&Greet: the researchers will be divided into two virtual rooms where they will be available for 10 minutes for answering questions from attendees joining from home.

Links to the rooms and schedule below.

Note: the scheduling is still tentative and will be updated in the following days. Tune in a few hours before the event for a definitive schedule.

ROOM 1 - link

  • 12:05 - Dr. Leonardo Egidi

  • 12:15 - Prof. Sylvio Barbon Jr.

  • 12:25 - Prof. Lorenzo Castelli

  • 12:35 - Dr. Luca Manzoni

room 2 - link

  • 12:05 - Prof. Stefano Furlani

  • 12:15 - Dr. Michele Rizzo

  • 12:25 - Dr. Alessio Ansuini and Dr. Alberto Cazzaniga